Top 10 trance/house albums?

What albums are considered to be the best trance/house albums of all time?

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    1 decade ago
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    well it would be hard to name the best albums of all time. They aren't like rock or hip-hop, where every album is completely different from the next.

    A couple of my favorites (house) are Bad Boy Bill, Frankie Bones, and Lords of Acid. Those 3 are my personal faves. Thats like from about 5-10 years ago, new **** is always comin out, but those 3 are the classics. yurp

    as far as the new **** goes. I like Green Velvet.

    listen to "shake and pop," **** is BANGIN!

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    4 years ago

    The Beatles- Revolver Radiohead- youngster A Nirvana- Nevermind The Jimi Hendrix experience- Are You experienced? Miles Davis- one of those Blue The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts club Band The Rolling Stones- Beggars feast The Who- stay At Leeds Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run There are 15 extra albums that could want to virtually replace those (London Calling, The Ramones, previous due Registration, Bitches Brew, Nevermind the Bollocks, White Blood Cells, VU & Nico, Marquee Moon, Marshall Mathers LP, Stankonia, Born contained in the u . s . a ., Abbey highway, Rubber Soul, street sixty one Revisited, Dookie) yet I picked the first ones that got here to thoughts.

  • Lucky
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    1 decade ago

    1) Bedrock ~ John Digweed

    2) Norther Exposure Vol. 2 ~ Sasha & Digweed

    3) Tranceport ~ Okenfold

    4) Xpander ~ Sasha

    5) Communicate ~ Digweed & Sasha

    6) B.P. Empire ~Infected Mushroom

    7)Global Underground: Reykjavik ~ Nick Warren

    8) Wide Angle ~ Hybrid

    9)Global Underground 013: Ibiza [LIVE] ~ Sasha... gotta love the Fibonacci Sequence on Disc it has Heaven Scent/Lifeline

    10)Airdrawndagger ~ Sasha

    I'm sure you noticed the Digweed/Sasha bias I had going on but honestly the above albums were some of the best that I've ever heard.

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    Kinda the wrong place to ask but ok... Don't know anything about that kind of music but my brother does. I know his favorite artists are Esthero, Theivery Corporation, and RJD2. That's pretty much it

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