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Itunes Help?

I am basically A Music Expert. That is why my user name is music ex. I know a lot of albums that are coming out before they really are noticed. Their are a lot of albums on Itunes that are not there that I think their should be. Is their a way you can e-mail or suggest to itunes to add a particular album?

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    no itunes can only music that the owners of the music allow them to put on. Like right now itunes is working on getting beatles music online, they will able to do this only because the legal owner of the music is talking with apple.

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    just email iTunes. It is an Apple based company, but remember that in order for them to have the albums up they have to be available to the public. They can't have anything on their program that isn't available to the public.

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    I guess you could try emailing them, but you're right i have noticed that too, alot of albums i look up arent there

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    i kind of find that pointless...

    like some bands might have copyrights and not want their music on itunes.

    but if you really want to call apple, look on and the contact page should be at the bottom.

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