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Who need getting ''licence and digital signature certificate''?who people use them and why?

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    Some people like to get those for their websites to ensure the other people that they are a secured and certifiable website. That you can trust their website. Some people use certain signature things to prove that it is indeed coming from them and you're not being scammed on some fraudelent website. It definately would make the people visiting that website feel better to know that the people running the website went through proper channels to assure the public they were for real.

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    It is a security issue. If you have information that is sensitive to your privacy it is a method of encrypting your documents.

    An undercover agent

    Government secrets

    Tax information

    Any thing you want to be sent and received with privacy

    This could be the way of the future

  • 4 years ago

    you got a cost ticket and can have have been given to pay the friendly. The police ran your know-how as quickly as they pulled you over and so that they already know you have gotten a valid Montana license. If it have been intense passable to place you in prison you are going to be able to already be there. You have been using with out valid CALIFORNIA license yet once you have a valid license in yet yet another state you are able to basically might desire to pay a accepted-fee.

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