can you still have your periodand be pregnant???

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    ok I feel like I have answered this a million times but too bad some women answering you dont know anything about their own bodies. A period happens when a women OVULATES (releases an egg) and it is not fertilized by a male sperm causing us to pass the egg 2 weeks later thus causing our bleeding (aka periods) If you becomg pregnant you STOP ovulating for the next nine months (making it so you cant get pregnant while pregnant). If you are experiencing bleeding during a pregnancy it is NOT your period because it is not possible. It can be caused by an infection, implantation bleeding, or bleeding caused by another issue in pregnancy such as spotting or a hemotoma. Bleeding during pregnancy is never an actual PERIOD caused by ovulation but is caused by something else. A doctor will confirm this. Read the following found in an article..

    Many women report having their period while pregnant, but typically this is not the case. The reason why this cannot be is that pregnancy and menstruation cannot take place at the same time, by the very definition of the two. If you were pregnant and you began menstruating you would inevitably lose the pregnancy, or have a miscarriage. While you cannot have your period and continue to be pregnant at the same time you can experience vaginal bleeding and continue to be pregnant. It is often this vaginal bleeding that women believe is their menstrual cycle when it is not.

    (this article goes on and on ) you can read the whole thing at the web page

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    Yep, I had a period for two months when I was pregnant and it wasn't until the ultrasound that we found out I had actually been pregnant about l0 weeks before they originally thought -- That was really the way to go cuz it shortened the pregnancy in my mind-lol. Boy that last month seems like 3 some times-lol./

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    Yes. A lot of over weight women still have their period while pregnant.

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