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Credit check Mistake or stolen identity?

I pulled my credit report through a company and they also give all public records. It says that I have felony drug charges in another state that ive never been to before and I have surely never been arrested for anything in my life I think this is why I cannot get a good job who do i contact and how do i get this removed can I sue sombody for this I would think this is wrong to post criminal records without being sure it is that person because this is definately not ME.

Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thats the problem it dosent say what county just says arkansas

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    Contact the county court where the charges were filed. They probably have mixed you up with someone else. If that doesn't work see if you can get legal help. If you don't clear this up a simple traffic stop for speeding could lead to your arrest for the warrant on the other guy. You don't want to sit in jail for something you didn't do.

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    Each credit reporting agency has in place a process to challenge erroneous information and request/demand its removal. Avail yourself of that process. You can begin by contacting the credit reporting agency with a request for information on how to bring your challenge. Most have web sites where you can begin. The process my be tedious but, you will ultimately prevail as all felony detainees are fingerprinted and those prints are submitted to the FBI. You may need to complete the process for each of the three major credit reporting agencies. Unless you can show a malicious intent on the part of the credit reporting agency you are unlikely to prevail in any suit against them.

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    You should begin by posing your question and concerns back to the company who furnished you with the report, tracing the criminal charges back to their source.

    Ask them to guide you on how best to be certain that this misinformation is not being used against you. You can contact, on your own, the major credit reporting agencies like TRW and others to determine what their records show.

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    Call an aternoy at law tell him to apply to get it expunged from your record and sue the state... if you can

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    I guess somebody probably went in your acount.Wow I feel sorry for you go luck!!!!

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    stolen identity

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