How long can I keep a pop up camper set up for?

I'm parking my camper at a place I go on the weekends and wanted to know from people who have/had pop ups how long I can keep it set up for instead of taking it down every weekend. It seems like it would be fine for extended periods but wanted some opinions. Thanks!

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    Hi! What a good question! Okay, we have a VW pop-top camper, and have been cross-country in it several times. I think that the key here is the average weather. In coastal California, there was lots of dew and mist in the mornings and evenings that effectively contributed to mildew after 2 weeks when we didn't take the pop-top down. Even though it would dry out during the warm hours, the ongoing wet-dry-wet cycle was too much for the vinyl treated canvas. On the other hand, in Utah and Arizona, we had her up for three weeks without any effect at all. Another thing to consider is security, as we did have a break in one night when we left the top up but were actually staying inside at a friend's home nearby. It's like the risk of a convertible, but with the added fact that you have waaaay more to lose than a cupholder full of loose change and whatever is in your glove box. (This is assuming that you will keep anything IN your camper during the times you are away.) Also, if you are planning on leaving this in a rural area, it is a good idea to take it down while you're gone for another reason: animals. They stay away while your camper is inhabited, but they will chew through the pop-up material to investigate, mate, nest, and mark territory as soon as you are away. We had a family of pygmy fox move in one summer a couple years ago, and were told by local foresters that they may have been attracted by an old bottle of sunscreen left in one of the cubbies. I hope it works out for you, whatever your decision!

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    If you leave it set up,the canvas wears out a lot faster.From the sun,

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