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Wisdom teeth coming out tomorrow...?

Hi everyone! I have an odd question... I'm having my wisdom teeth out in the morning, and, like most people probably were, dreading the experience. I've been feeling queasy all day long, which I attributed to nerves about the teeth tomorrow, but tonight I am running a fever of 100 degrees. I guess I may be coming down with a little bug... can I still have the procedure? I'd like to have it done tomorrow and just get it over with. Not sure about the stomach bug thing, since I'd probably feel queasy anyway tonight, but I don't think I've ever heard of a fever accompanying nervousness. What do you think? Can I have the teeth out even with a virus?

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    i believe that you can, .. i dont really think that its a virus, lol, but anyways, yeah the dentist want to take mine out 2, an di dont want to. good luck

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    YOU ARE CORRECT nerves are one thing BUT when accompanied by a low grade fever---hum-mm, suspicious.

    Having stomach problems could be a problem even if it is only a 24 hour bug-- You see most Oral Surgeons provide some sort of oral or I.V. sedation when they are extracting wisdom teeth and being sick during the time of sedation can be a serious problem.

    Check in with your oral surgeon's office and see what his or her recommendation is to your problem.

    It would be nice to see you not miss your appointment BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE of you having complications in surgery.

    Healing is also a consideration---if you ARE fighting a viral bug then your immune system has already become compromised and having major services like wisdom teeth extractions is also going to be tougher for your body to cope with--

    If you are going to be under sedation--- you are not usually advised to go through with the surgery as you are more likely to have complications with vomiting and choking on it during the procedure or even after the procedure and not have your body's muscles strong enough to deal with the vomiting properly.

    My vote is re-schedule BUT call the O.S. office and check in with them. They should understand that this is something that you could not help---these illnesses come unexpectedly. A good office will partner up with you to accomodate you with a new appointed time and not charge you for the re-scheduled appointment (at least if it is your 1st cancellation).

    Take it easy, rest-- re-schedule--- The experience will be better for you all the way around if you are at your optimum health.

    Get well soon.-- Tina

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    You should call your doctor. Call tonight and leave a message; the surgeon might check in and might be able to get back to you tonight. Better to try to resolve it tonight than wait til morning, right?

    If you do have a bug--and I agree that nervousness won't cause a fever--you might have to postpone. Let the surgeon decide. It's probably not a great idea to have surgery when you're sick. I understand you want to get it over with, but you mustn't compromise your health.

    Good luck!

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    I would think that you can. I would suggest tho if you are not feel well to hold off if you can. I could not imagine having a cold and dealing with the after math of that.. Also dont worry having the teeth pulled is very easy, Its the healing part for the next 3 days that sucks.

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    I would certainly inform your Oral Surgeon about your concern tomorrow beforehand. If it is scheduled in the afternoon certainly call in the morning.

    The nervousness is OK. Don't worry about getting your teeth out.

    My experience was certainly a positive one and any horror stories you may have heard are certainly the exceptions and not the rule.

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    i am getting my pulled in 3 days and i dont fell like that but it could just be your nerves

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