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How do you get rid of Moes without cutting it?

(those black-brownish spots on your body)

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    I understand you are refering warts - not moles - moles are seen from birth - they can grow big - if so u need to check

    If it the black brow spots have come up last few yrs mostly they are warts - and sure homoeopathic medicine can help you 100% No need of surgery, No need of chemical, no fear of recurrence

    consult a homoeopathic dr in ur area

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    hey , moles are there for life unless they are surgically removed.

    be very careful there. removing moles yourself could bring on skin cancer. Best thing to do is go to your dr and get a referral to a skin specialist. His advice is what you need.

    Maybe you could learn to love your moles afterall they are your

    distinguishing marks. I have freckles and they last for life though they do fade over time. Sorry moles don't.

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