Can anyhone help?

I will be 38 weeks pregnant on thursday. I have been experiencing nausia and loose bowel movements all morning and now have a shooting pain in my groin when I walk. My midwife doesn't like to be bugged so I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on and if I should go to the doctor? The groin pain stops me in my tracks


I don't thin k the baby has dropped and have had no unusual discharge or anything just when I stand up the pain is bad

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    I had the groin pain too, It's the weight of the uterus pulling on a ligament that connects the uterus to the hip bone. Has your baby dropped already? That could cause the change.

    Be careful with the diarrhea, it could mean labor is getting close. Also be careful, my friend's water broke while she had a flu and she didn't realize it, thought it was diarrhea. She had her son in the car in the hospital parking lot! :)

    Good luck to you and hang in there! It will be over before you know it and you'll have your little sweetie in your arms.

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    Your midwife doesn't like to be bugged??? She needs another profession, then. Mine was great. Anyway. CALL HER. Who cares if she gets pissy? You are her patient and therefore your health and well-being is her responsibility. Call her and find out if you need to be seen or go to the hospital...those loose bowel movements can dehydrate you which is not safe for you or the baby. And don't worry about her-after you have your baby and your 6-week checkup, you can always choose another practitioner. Take care of you and your baby FIRST.

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    For starters if you get pregnant again,get another Midwife..the one you have now should stop practicing if she doesn't like to be bugged. If the pain is severe then go to the hospital and let them check things out for you. Thats the only way you're going to feel assured that things are ok.

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    The pain in your groin may be the baby dropping, and the bowl movements may be the sign of labour starting. I would get in contact with the mid wife or another medical personal. I think you should be checked.

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    I think you should call the midwife. You could be in labor. Maybe if you have another one you should switch midwives since this one doesn't sound very caring or sympathetic. Better yet go to an OBGYN. I've personally had much better experiences with OBGYNs over midwives.

    Congratulations and God Bless!

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    did your water burst? or did you pass anything unusual? you are most likely in pre-labour and you should let someone know. either your midwife or your OBGYN. you may be going into labour soon so you need the best care now.

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    Call ur midwife no matter if she doesnt like it, that her job!

    U and ur baby are more importand than a midwife not wanting to be bothered.

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    Are they like really bad cramps? Im 37 weeks and have them too. I think they are mild contractions. Go to the doctors or call your midwife. screw her if she gets mad. good luck!

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    sounds like the baby is dropping, but call your midwife anyways, your paying for her services anyways, use and abuse her! if not, I suggest seeing a different midwife pronto!

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    sounds like you are getting ready to go into labor....could be anytime today... tomorrow or next week....your symptoms are very normal of someone about to have a baby.

    once you have consistant contractions, that will be the sign labor has begun. good luck!

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