i have my ipod connected to the computer already, and i want to add my itunes music onto it that i dont have .

on it yet, but the thing wont first let me unplug the dammm ipod... it isnt even downloading music right now, so how do i get it to not say "do not disconnet?" because it isnt even doing anything!! i know that if i disconnect it and then reconnect it, it will update itself, but it wont get ride of "do not disconnect"

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I hope u already downloaded and installed iTunes. after u connect your ipod in the USB, it will detect it.

    if u want to disconnect it, there is a small eject button on the bottom right of the itunes program. just click on it ;-)

    everything is well described in itunes (and apple ipod) webpage.

  • 4 years ago

    no longer achievable under familiar circumstances. iTunes is supplied to sync to a minimum of one ipod. while you an sync precisely what his has, you won't be able to customize your very own profile in iTunes. the finest workaround are to apply non-iTunes courses to sync your ipod. courses like winamp and realplayer will sync your ipod and are freeware. you are able to have the means to discover extra on "the google" playstation . What Ros L. mentioned is extremely genuine and impressive however the few issues are the object that are no longer frequently on your brother's ipod which you upload to yours will then be extra to his, because of the fact it incredibly is extra to the library. besides, in case you have many songs you're gonna might desire to manually upload each music every time you opt to sync. whilst that way does artwork it incredibly is probably plenty much less demanding to discover yet another software to sync your ipod.

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