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If you could own anyone as a slave, who would you own?

I love to think about slavery. Growing up I wanted to own a housemaid to wait on me hand and foot. Today if slavery were legal, I would either own my nail tech at the salon so that I could get a pedicure and foot massage any time I wanted or a girl I went to college with who was stuck up. It would be really fun to have her scrubbing the floors on her hands in knees dressed in rags. I would be willing to pay $10000 for a slave, what do you think is a fair price?

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    Your question brings on my favorite fantasy.

    I can think of a few possibilities for my all-male harem but I couldn't name names.

    I'd pay nothing for them. They would WANT to be my slaves... ;]

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    I think your sick,slavery was abolished for a very good reason.God did not put people on earth to be another persons property.Every human being has a right to be there own person,and no one deserves to own another person.I believe that was one of the reasons Jesus died on the cross,for sins like that and many others.

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    Hey princess,

    The real world doesn't work like that. How about you grow up a little (actually, a lot). Work for a living, that kind of thing. It's what real people do.

    You stupid cow.


    Tina, I'm not the stuck up girl from college, I'm the girl that paid her way through college and didn't rely on her parents for everything.

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    I wouldnt have one, but instead i would lower myself to be the slave. And show the heart of a servant like Jesus Christ did for the world.

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    i'd give you a pedicure and massage and worship your feet for free!!!

    i'd love to be your slave!

    message me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My boyfriend Tayler!

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    how much would a fair price for you to be my slave?

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    That's sick. Didn't you take second grade? Slavery is bad. Tsk tsk.

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