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my GF and i just found out she pregnant n she going to college in the fall and i'm still in HS what do i do?

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    you and your girlfriend need to sit down and decide what is best for both of you. abortion? adoption? or keeping it?

    you both need to realize that your relationship will be effected no matter which of these options you pick. you need to pick whichever is best for both of you.

    i know people on here keep saying adoption, but that really isn't your only option. if both of you really don't want to have a baby, and can't imagine giving it to some other family then maybe abortion is best for you. or maybe both of you can handle giving the child to a loving family. or maybe you both could raise the child together.

    if you chose to raise the child it will be hard, but it is possible. if your girlfriend was planning on going far away from home for college she might want to stay closer to home. that way you both can be involved. you will probably need help from your family, so make sure you talk with them. i would wait to tell them though until you come up with some type of plan though. and start by telling one parent (whichever one you think will handle it the best), and go from there.

    if she is unsure what she wants to do she should start prenatal vitimins, she can always stop them but if she does decide to have the baby this is important.

    how old are you? and what year in high school will you be in next year?

    you both can make this work, it is just going to be difficult.

    stay strong, and goodluck to you and your girlfriend!

    email me if you need anything

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    First of all, you guys don't have to get an abortion or give the baby for adoption. Make the decision yourself, take your time, and don't let anyone pressure you. You didn't say when she's due but I'm guessing this is pretty new. If she's due after December, she should be ok still going to college. She'll probably have to take the spring semester off however. Make sure you finish up school. Maybe you can get a part-time job to help pay bills. There is plenty of financial assistance out there if you need it, so don't worry. She can go on state health care, and all her doctor visits and hospital fees will be covered. Take it one day at a time and be strong. This could be the best or worst thing of your all depends on how you deal with it.

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    The absolute worst thing you can do is leave her. Please don't, she will be emotionally scarred for the rest of her life if you do. You both need to sit down and talk the whole thing out. Explain what will happen after the birth of the baby, jobs, education ect.

    God Bless

    Good Luck

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    Well, you need to step and be a man about it. I would guess that this is going to be your child which does need a father figure. Do everything you can to help support her and the child and also set a good example by finishing high school.

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  • What grade you in son?<=(

    But ummm.........When she has the'll be a dad and you'll stay home with the baby and stuff.Mom can go to college and then it's her turn to watch the baby while you finish High school or college.

    good luck Dad to be!


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    You need to both of you sit down and talk to your parents, and explain the situation. Then you both need to contact an adoption attorney and begin the necessary steps to place this child with a mature, loving and stable family. You will give them the most precious of gifts and you will give this unborn child the gift of a nurturing family that is ready for him or her.

    God bless!

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    I would either get an abortion or have the baby and put it up for adoption. If you 2 are that young, there is no way you are ready. Good Luck!

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    Start acting like an adult ( instead of teenager think 35) cause that is what you just got yourself into.

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    If you're old enough to have sex, you should be mature enough to face this. Talk to your parents and have your girlfriend talk to hers. I'd recommend putting the child up for adoption.

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