Do you worry about your food in Mexican restaurants? They seem to hate Americans and their restaurant scores?

in our towns around here are the lowest, barely passing. I've noticed the trucks that deliver products to them are all mexican. I know they use ddt on their crops, we arent allowed to here but yet they ship produce to us. We dont know what we are eating really. It's scary.

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    1 decade ago
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    It is funny how our food inspectors are very tough on US made or grown products,but turn a blind eye when it comes to products brought from south of the border,How many of our representatives in Washington are getting pesos under the table and gambling with US citizens health,Yet in spite of all this,both democrats and republicans will blame each other if food poisoning occurs

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    Well, you've got a simple solution, don't eat at Mexican restaurants. You obviously have a problem with Mexicans in general, so why not settle for Mickey D's, whilst you're complaining. For arguments sake, the Mexican joints where I live are on point. There's this little hole in the wall joint called La Torreros one block from where I work that gets mad business. So if the places where you live are scoring low, perhaps you should blame the licensing organization and your local health department in your town for not enforcing food prep codes. Problem solved.

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    I don't like restaurants at all! I know that sounds strange but I have to see who is cooking my food before I will eat it. That way I know the hands are washed and the food is prepared properly. I like to cook so there is never a problem with good eatin. I don't even eat anyones cooking but my own and if by a rare occasion that I eat at your house I have to see you prepare it. I know this sounds weird but that's just me.

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    I think it's fairly safe if it's cooked. I would not want to eat a raw enchilada.

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