How long can an employer in a small business work you in Las Vegas without giving you a break?

Also, do they have to pay you for the breaks?

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    check with your local dept of labor. It may vary state to state so i think that would be your best option in order to obtain a legitimate and legal response. I do not believe they are required to pay you for your break. Most legitimate company and/or employers give you a 10 min break after the first two hours, a 30 minute break 4 hrs into your shift, and another 10 minute break, 6 hrs into your shift. That is only a guideling from personal experience. You can work 4 hrs with an hour lunch and then another 4 hrs. As I said, if I wanted to know for a fact what the legalities were, I would contact my local dept of labor.

    this was addressed on their website as follows....

    Q. What kind of breaks do I get?

    A. Rest periods are based on the total hours worked daily at the rate of 10 minutes for each 3 1/2 hours worked. An unpaid meal period of 30 minutes of uninterrupted time shall be authorized for an employee working a continuous period of 8 hours.

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    Federal Law states that paid 15 minute break for every 4 hours worked.

    So that's 2 in eight hours.

    For and eight hour shifft you get a minimum of 30 minutes for lunch. That is unpaid. Normally you punch out and then back in after lunch. Different companies have different rules.

    Most states require that you take a 30 minute unpaid lunch after/ or if your shift is going to be 6 hours or longer.

    I would check with the department of labor in your state.

    I worked for a company and could take as long as I wanted for lunch as long as I was punched out.

    It would depend on your job and how the company works.

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    If you're working an 8 hour shift, you are intitled to have two 15 minute breaks, and a 30 minute lunch according to the labor laws, the only one i think he doesn't have to pay for is the 30 minute lunch. Usually you clock out for lunch.

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