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Can it be harmful to get too much calcuim?

I know it can be bad to take too many vitamins, but is it bad to get too much calcuim?

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    Taken verbatim from the website of American Association of Kidney Patients:

    Calcium: How Much Is Too Much?

    The National Kidney Foundation has released clinical practice guidelines to assist doctors in managing calcium and phosphorus metabolism and bone disease in their patients who have CKD. These guidelines were developed by a team of experts in kidney disease and are based on a review of all scientific evidence available. Improved patient survival, decreased morbidity (illness) and a better quality of life for patients with kidney disease are the main objectives of these guidelines.

    The guidelines recommend the upper limit of elemental calcium intake for the person with CKD be less than 2000 mg per day from all sources (diet, phosphate binders and dialysis). High calcium intakes, in addition to high phosphorus levels in the blood, have been associated with the development of calcifications in the heart, blood vessels, lungs and around the joints. This can lead to impaired circulation, heart failure, shortness of breath and painful joints. Calcifications resemble bone forming in your blood vessels or organs.

    High calcium intakes in dialysis patients have also been linked to high levels of calcium in the blood and “low turnover” bone disease. Low turnover bone disease means your bones are unable to take in calcium and phosphorus to rebuild new bone. Hypercalcemia (high levels of calcium in the blood) has been associated with increased risk of death for patients on hemodialysis.

    Calcium-Fortified Foods

    Many nondairy foods and over-the- counter medications are now being “fortified,” “enriched” or “enhanced” with calcium. This means foods or medicines that normally do not contain calcium are having calcium added to them. For example, fruit juice normally is not a good source of calcium, but now you can buy calcium-enriched juice that provide as much calcium as a glass of milk. Some brands of aspirin and toothpaste are even being fortified with calcium!

    Cereals, cereal or granola bars, cookies, pancake and muffin mixes, butter spreads, hot chocolate, juices, sodas, cheese, ice cream and bread are just some of the food products that have been fortified or enriched with calcium.

    Be careful when you go grocery shopping – read the labels! Avoid buying calcium-fortified, calcium-enhanced or calcium-enriched foods. Beware when a food label states a product is a good source of vitamins and minerals. You do not want to increase your daily calcium intake to an unsafe level by eating calcium-fortified foods or taking calcium-fortified medicines.

    Safe Calcium Intake

    To keep your daily calcium intake within a safe range:

    Talk to your dietitian about the amount of calcium you receive from your diet and phosphate binders. Ask if there is a calcium-free phosphate binder appropriate for you.

    Avoid calcium supplements unless prescribed by your nephrologist (kidney doctor). Check your daily vitamin and mineral supplement or “bone health” supplement. Both may be a source of calcium.

    Consult with your doctor before taking calcium-based antacids.

    Do not take Vitamin A or Vitamin D supplements unless prescribed by your nephrologist.

    Avoid calcium-fortified foods and over-the-counter medications enriched with calcium.

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    Yes calcium deposits can travel through bloodstream and cause deposits in crucial places.

    Remember, Washing machines live longer with Calgon

    Same principle.

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    It can lead to kidney stones and gall stones but you'd need to be getting ALOT of calcium.

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    It may make you nervous, as I have taken too much calcium a few times, and each time it made me nervous and tense.

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    yes you can get kidney stones. make sure you drink lots of water

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