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During a fuel-economy test of a sports car, the car achieved more miles per gallon of gasoline when its convertible top was up. How is the convertible top being up or down related to the car's fuel economy?

Can anyone solve this question?.....

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    When the top is down, it creates more air drag which creates a force that is opposite of the car's motion. Therefore, more energy is required in order to keep the car moving at the same speed.

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    You get a much smoother airflow over the car when the top is up. With the top down, the windshield acts as a spoiler and creates lots of turbulence, at a considerable cost in energy. For the same reason, you are better off driving with the windows up and the A/C running on a warm day.

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    When a convertible top is doun the car lose its aerodynamic shape. So there is more drag from air, you can feel it like a vacuum wen you are driving it. There are some upgrades in design to prevent this on some vvehicles.

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    Of course, simple common sense.

    With the top down there is a lot of air turbulence in the car - you know this because a person's hair is always blowing around when a top is down.

    Turbulence means friction, which means drag (slowing down) on the vehicle.

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    maybe it its more aerodynamic with the top up

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