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Enigmatic WR Randy Moss is now a Patriot, so is New England the Super Bowl favorite?

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    New England was the Super Bowl favorite even before they got Moss, and now that they have him, they are still the Super Bowl favorite.

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    I am a Jets fan so I hate to admit this but New England is definitely the super bowl favorite. They did not lose any key parts of their offense and they added Adalius Thomas and Randy Moss. Moss helps address a problem at Wr and Thomas makes a fearsome Defense even better

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    So there will be negative press on his atttude and locker room presence, which I have seen already. Here are a few things that the media fails to keep sight of:

    1 - Is he still the Hall of Fame product that he was with Minny?

    -Absolutely, he will now be catching balls from the best QB he's ever had to work with. He may not have 100 grabs, but expect his TD numbers to rise back to Moss standards (12-16)

    2 - Is he really a problem child?

    - I do not believe so. He was a problem last year because he was stating the obvious. Why should he play for a team that does not get him the ball. He never had anyone to throw to him. You'll see that he won't have much to be vocal about.

    3 - Now to your question........They just might run the table in their division. Don't get it twisted, they are not going undefeated. It will be tough for teams to match up with them on the offensive side. There is no need for me to talk about their "D" because it speaks for itself. The other intangibles like experience, rings. hunger, and quality coaching are there.

    The only thing is that they need to stay healthy. If this all works out.....expect them to go on another run of a couple bowls.

    I wish my Cowboys were as good.


    To poster smoov-e....they almost beat Indy last year with nothing, and now you give them one of the most dangerous deep threats in the game. Wake up dude. They locked up their division with that move.......the rest will play out and you'll remember this day when I and a few others here broke it down to you.

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    The question should be, "Will Randy Moss make Tom Brady a better quarterback?" Randy Moss proved by his performance in a Raiders uniform that he can not be an impact player if he isn't the center of attention. Since he could never achieve that in the shadow of Brady, I don't think he will make much of a difference. The Patriots are in my top 5 regardless.

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    Supposedly, according to every ESPN, and Fox Sports football analyst out there. They were the close favorite before the acquisition of Moss, so, I'm pretty sure, since they're loaded now with star players (Brady, Moss, Adalius Thomas, Stallworth, Seymour, Harrison, Samuel). Best quarterback, best recievers (finally) best defense...its a given.

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    I am booking my flight to Arizona!! : ) The Patriots lost to the Colts, because they choked, but we all know they had the game in their grasp and should have won. That was with NO receivers and missing Rodney Harrison. Now they have two great receivers, a dominate versatile linebacker (take notice Dallas Clark), and some decent help in the defensive backfield. I can't wait for the rematch with Indy on their nice fast turf!!

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    IM a f$&*in Jets fan and im frustrated that they are not making these types of moves. It kills me to say this but they are the favorites to take it all right now. THE PATS MADE a whole alot of moves other than r.moss . This was just the icying on the cake.

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    no they may have added weapons for Brady but the Colts are the best team and with Bradys new weapons it will take time for them to get to know each other and Manning and co have been playing together for a while and they will still beat them with Moss or without him

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    WHOA- The Pats are making a run for the SB!!!

    This move gives Brady a fast, tall, athletic WR for the first time in his career

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    they have 9 recievers

    wes welker, donte stallworth, randy moss, reche caldwell, jabar gaffney, kelley washington, chad jackson, kelvin kight, and bam childress

    the first 5-6 could be starters on other teams

    the last 3 don't have much experience

    Brady has some weapons, and I think he can use them well

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