what went wrong! please help.?

i like a painfully shy guy.im sure he likes me to,coz,he stares at me,sometimes doesnt even look away and hold eyecontact.we smile at each other for ages be4 saying hi,he peeked at my work wen i wasnt n the room and caught him & he also pretended to accidentally take my book, then gave it back. opens doors, tries to get close

one day i sent him an email, inviting him to join one of those keeping n contact with friends sites(i took his email off the bord.he didnt giv it to me) he never replied.he got really nervous around me and stopped saying hi and making eyecontact.though my firends and i have still caught him staring at me.his friends stare at me and sometimes chat or say hi.one even winked at me!

then a few months on: he is standing behind me, staring at me for ages, i saw in the refelection. he looked deep in thought.now he says hi to me, opens doors.

i dont understand why he would give me all the signs of attraction then ignore me and then start saying hi? any explanations?


might help to know im shy to and at uni

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    1 decade ago
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    Trust me, he likes you. he is just scared because he is shy, so when he gets nervous he backs off. This is how people with social anxiety deal with situations.

    Its hard to understand a person with social anxiety, if you do not have it yourself, but one piece of advice I'll give you is: go slow. Otherwise you'll scare him.

    Source(s): personal experience
  • 1 decade ago

    If he is painfully shy like you say, then he probably stopped saying "hi" because when you invited him to join the group, it scared him off. he got shy. Also, maybe he doesn't want others to know that he likes you (it sounds like he might), so perhaps he want to keep it just between you two and not scream it out to the world, because that would embarass him. Then he got braver and so he's started saying hi again.

    That's my guess. The fact that his friends look at you two and one winked, that seems to say that this painfully shy guy likes you, and his friends know it, but he's still getting up the courage to tell you. Give him time; I'm sure he'll come around. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    ya he totally likes u! u should ask him out!!

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