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Trade options?

So a guy in my league wants to trade Josh Beckett for one of my 2nd baseman. I have Uggla, Kinsler, Lugo and Kelly Johnson. Could you guys rank who is the most valuable and whom would be a a good trade for Beckett. Lugo and Johnson have multiple eligibility. I'm wondering if any of them are good enough to get Beckett. He has tried for Kinsler in a multi. player trade. What are your thoughts fellas

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    Rank: Kelly Johnson, Ian Kinsler, Julio Lugo and Dan Uggla.

    You could go either way with Lugo or Uggla but Lugo has 8 steals by the end of April. He might be a value guy to trade later on so someone desperate for steals. Uggla for BEckett sounds fair. I wouldnt trade Kinsler and especially Johnson for Beckett. Beckett finds his way to the DL every year and I want to see if he can stop his ERA from exploding in the hot summer days of August. He was terrible last season and is in the toughly division offensively speaking in the AL EAST. The guy who tried to get Kinsler seems hot for him. So try and see if you can pry someone some physically stable than Beckett.

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    Uggla and Kinsler are similar rare second basemen. They hit home runs. Now Lugo is good because he steals bases not to mention he is in the Boston lineup and has 2b, ss and 3rd base elegibility. Kelly Johnson should be your trade bait. He is on fire and I just do not belive he will keep it up. I know it is easy to say that when Kinsler is a HR machine, but I have MLB Extra innings and I watch him. Kinsler is the real deal. I have seen this guiy lay down a bunt, he is doing everything a good hitter should do and not just swinging for the fence.

    1. Kinsler(top 2b, alot of people aroud him)

    2. Lugo(gets steals and runs)

    3. Uggla(lower power #'s than stacked lineup in texas)

    4. Johnson(he is on a hot streak)

    Remember buy low sell high, I am sure you picked Kelly off waivers, you have 4 good 2b take advantage right away and get Beckett!

    Hope that helps

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    You've got a lot of depth at 2B, that's for sure.

    It'd help to know the rest of your lineup to see who's most expendable. For example, if you have a good OF, I would try to sell high on Johnson. Uggla's downside is, he is only eligble to play 2B. (Kinsler too, but he's playing the best of all of them so far). Who's your SS? Is that where you play Lugo? If you lost him, who'd be the replacement?

    All that said, my first suggestion would be K. Johnson. If he doesn't bite on that, I'd probably go with Uggla or Lugo, depending on your SS situation.

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    Id give him Johnson for Beckett straight up. U dont need 2 2nd basemen on ur team. Especially when ur best 2nd baseman is Ian Kinsler

    Source(s): Guy who is 1st place in 3 diferent H-2-H, 12 team leagues
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    I agree with the other comment.





    I think you should give him Uggla and Lugo for Beckett... ur not losing much, and u would prolly get the trade.

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    i think it would go like this. best to worst.

    1) Ian Kinsler

    2) Kelly Johnson

    3) Julio Lugo

    4) Dan Uggla

    I think any of them for Josh Becket would be a good deal, but dont trade more then 1 for him. if he really needs a 2nd basemen, then he will trade Josh Beckett for just one of those. even if you lose one of them, you still got 3 good 2ND basemen. Hope that helps.

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    k so

    Dan Uggla

    Ian Kinsler

    Julio Lugo

    Kelly Johnson

    if he is willin to give straight up for the bottom 2 do it but otherwise b smart about the trade i mean think wat u cud otehrwise get n if it is worth giving up that much talent for a pitcher if u cud get more from somewhere else plus u can find good SP on hte wire

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