how do i deal with a rude co-worker trying to tell me what i need to do.....?

the business i work at closes at 530pm. there are days that i have to leave at 5pm to get my daughter from daycare b/c it closes at 6pm. there are days during the week that i dont have to b/c the father is not working on thoses days. a co-worker of mine gets "angry" on the days i have to go get her from daycare. she actually confronted me and told me that "i need to find another daycare b/c her new daycare closes at 530pm". the only reason she confrnted me is b/c she stated out loud that"some people just leave at 5pm and dont really care". this woman does not even know me. i can i confront her and tell her that she needs to worry about herself and not what i do....


also..when i leave at 500pm on certain days..i have already worked a 8 hour shift. oh and she has a daughter in daycare as well, but she has ppl to help her. i dont have help. and the father cant leave his job to get our daughter b/c he goes to work at 400pm. his work shift is just starting. what make me mad is she is telling me i need to find another daycare. her daycare is closing and the new one she found closes before mine, but she wants "me" to find another one.

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    I am very furious at those who are definitely insensitive to families. That's why this country is the way it is! Forget family, it's all about MONEY...anyway, having being in your situation, the days I need to leave early I make sure I come in earlier to make up for lost time. I would go back to your boss, clarify how you are making up for the time (if it's a set schedule, this would be tons easier), and that's it. If this person continues to bother you I would just tell her: Thank you for your comments but I don't need to explain to you the details" and walk away. Two are needed to have an argument and by you walking away will give you time to cool off, and leave her with the words in her mouth.

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    Often a shift in eye-contact can send a subtle message. The next time this co-worker pins you on your personal schedule, listen for a brief few seconds, then glance away. Basically you're sending body language that you are not paying attention.

    Reading just the description you gave, I think there is an underlying problem that you may need to address. If your work day ends at 5:30, you can select which days you stay a full day and which days you "shave" a few minutes off for personal reasons. Make sure you work out, in detail, with your direct supervisor how you will accomodate the work hours and still work a full 40hrs. You will show professionalism and attention to detail rather than just "assuming" he already knows your situation..

    Good luck.

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    is she your superior?

    is your boss and most people ok with you leaving?

    are you paid by the hour? should you have to come in a half hour earlier to make up for it? is this lady gettting stuck doing something because you leave? Look at it from her perspective.

    If it endangers your job status, maybe a high school kid could pick up you daughter and bring her to work........... i dont know. what this ladies problem is. Someone Okayed you to leave at five and it seems unfair to this person i guess. start bringing all of your coworkers chocolate or coming up with a set schedule with your husband so your coworkers know what days you cant stay.

    It would be unfair if your husband calls your work last minute and then someone else at your job gets stuck with extra work or something with no notice or not even a Thank you for covering for you.

    Source(s): its a balancing act with carreer and kids. some people understand others dedicate more to the career.
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    Ugh! dont u hate them!!!? My boyfriend and I are in your situation regarding schedule and daycare hours U are not the only one. About the coworker tell her it is none of her business and if she has a problem to speak to your boss about it. I'm assuming your boss gives you permission to leave early. Please don't let this beast drain your energy thats all toxic people are good for. Why cant people mind their own business. but seriously i think you need to tell her off before she thinks she can walk all over you ok? Good luck and it only gets better!!

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    It appears like your co-worker needs some sensitivity training. He might want to not have cherished the way you've been doing all of your code, yet i imagine he might want to have stated different thoughts without resorting to insulting you. there develop into no reason to call you lazy, or to imagine you've been taking short cuts once you weren't. If he had those emotions the smart element might want to were to keep it to himself. i will understand why you felt aggravated through his comments. i might want to easily keep in mind that the guy is undesirable at speaking and attempt now to not allow it worry you even as he says stuff like this.

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    Tell her you have an arrangement with your supervisor to leave early to pick up your child and she should talk to your supervisor if she has an issue with your hours.

    However, put yourself in your co-workers' shoes. They may see this as you getting preferential treatment. How would you like it if you were the one who had to stay while others got off early for personal reasons?

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    If she is only a co-worker and not anyone higher I would simply do one of two things.

    1) Kill her with kindness. Be completely and utterly nice to her. How can someone be mean to someone so nice?

    2) Ask if you can have a few minutes of her time and explain the situation to her. Don't do it in a snarly way though.

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    No confrontation. it disrupts everything and you might regret it.

    What assurance do you have that the boss won't side with her?

    She is the north end of a southbound horse, and there's one in every office.

    It your "early quits" are ok with your boss, who gives a damn what she thinks?

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    this is common

    it's because she has to pick up the slack in work while you take off early, as is why some people resent mothers in the workforce

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    come in thirty minutes early, if possible and compensate for getting off early, fair is fair

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