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How can hovercraft achieve greater speeds than ordinary boats?

Is it because hovercraft gets no friction?

somebody give me an answer!

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    Yes! Water is a large friction but hover crafts just float in the air so they only have air drag.

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    Ordinary boats spend huge amounts of energy pushing water out of the way. A hovercraft does not have to do that, so can go much faster on the same power.

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    the hovercraft does that by raising itself above the water and reducing friction with the water,but it uses another fan to propel itself thus limiting it's speed.

    another water craft that achieves high speeds on water by raising it's hull above water is the hydrofoil.

    it does this by having a series of"wings" called hydroplanes to the front, below the hull.

    as the hydrofoil reaches a certain speed, the flow of water over the hydroplanes will create lift just like the wings of a plane, lifting the front of the hull above water, reducing drag, with the propellers in the water giving it a greater speed.

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    It gets less friction. Its hover just 2 inchs aprox. depending of the hovercraft. like flyng because the positive displacement of the air trought the bottom of the vehicle. Have played air hockey?? is like that but the hovercraft has his oun blower-fan.

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    No water friction to slow them down.

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