opinions on best formula for spit-up issues?

help! my 3 1/2 month old is severly constipated on soy formula and we need to switch her back to milk-based. the reason for the soy was that she spit-up the milk-based...it just didn't seem to agree with her tummy i guess. but, after a very scary constipation experience, we need to switch asap. anyone have any experience with a formula that didn't cause a lot of spit-up or constipation? we've tried gentlease a few times and good start once.

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    Only your pediatrician should change the baby's formula.

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    If you can afford it, try nutramagen. It is the BEST formula you can buy for your baby. My children had to be on this. My son is allergic to dairy. He used to spit/throw up one meter in the air if you can imagine. It was awful. Nutramagen is easy on their tummies and I have been told, the best quality of formula you can buy over the counter. The doctor can also give you a prescription for formula (very expensive though - unless you have insurance.) If none of these options work, you may be able to go to the breast milk bank. Good luck from a mama who's been there.

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    My son spit up no matter what, he was BF, then on Similac, then ultimately, ended up on Enfamil Lipil. We would burp him constantly. After feedings, keep your daughter upright for 20 minutes and get a wedged bed positioner, to keep her up at around 30 degrees....so what is in her tummy stays there. We tried different prescription medications for acid reflux to no avail, but by 5 or 6 months he outgrew it and once in awhile will spit up now, but that is because he is learning to crawl so he is on his belly a lot. Hope that helped!

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    i've used the Nestle Good Start DHA/ARA for my daughter. she rarely ever spit up. i bet no more than 10 times and that was if i pushed on her belly or laid her down to change her diaper right after she took a bottle. i can tell you that the Similac formula made her SEVERELY constipated. never tried Enfamil. we're sticking with Nestle Good Start. hope you find what works for you.

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    all babies are going to spit up everything. keep her at an angle for 15 mins after you feed her, try to burp her well. try not to over feed her babies are very sensitive. i had to learn not to put him back on his back after a feeding. good luck and congrads.

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    enfamil AR is for spitting up. it has rice in it and is thicker. helped my grandsons spitting up. not as bad now. once they start cereal you ease them off of it and back to regular enfamil lipil. check with your peds for more advice.

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    switch back to her old formula. when you her every 1/4 stop and burp!!! her its should stop spit ups.

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