How do I make my wireless connection private? (add a password)?

Hello. I just found out the other day that my neighbor has been leeching my wireless internet. How do I put a password on it so only my family has access? Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It would help if you told us what wireless router you're using. Failing that, here goes:

    Find out what the manufacturer, make, and model are for the wireless router you're using.

    Go to Google & search for the manufacturer's website. Once you found it search the website for your make and model of router.

    There should be instructions or a users manual on the website. Follow the instructions to add a key to the router. Before you do that determine if your computer's wireless card will support WPA. If it does then follow the instructions for WPA. If it doesn't (& some older cards don't) use the instructions for setting up WEP on the router. MAKE SURE YOU WRITE DOWN YOUR KEY(S)!!! After the router configuration is complete follow the instructions for your computer to setup either WPA or WEP authentication.

    Good Luck!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    you need to go into the interface of your wireless router and setup wireless security.

    the specific steps for doing this differ from router to router, so w/o your make & model i can't be specific, but in general:

    you open up IE, and type in the address of your router (many times it is in the address bar, and click GO. this will open your router's interface. from there, look for a menu for Wireless, and then within that, one for Security. Turn on security (WEP or WPA) and add a password. Save settings before you close the IE window.

    (when you're done, you will need to configure your laptop or pc with the same security settings you just used so it can connect)

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