Do you know of any new mp3, radio, video players that are coming out soon?

I have an old Ipod and was looking at buying a Zune, but i dont want to go out and buy it to find out that they are making and distributing a newer model of any mp3 video radio and transfering system. I do like the idea that with the Zune you can transfer your music wirelessly to other people's Zunes (IF im correctly reciveing the information from the internet.) but that idea of transfering is purely optional. do you know of any new models or new mp3, radio, video players that are coming out?

if so please tell me the name and where i can find all the information about them.

also if you happen to know about the way to purchase music with the Zune would you please let me know (is it like itunes or what?)

thanks in advance


i do not wish to have a phone added to the player

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    Zune is set to make a big announcement on May 1st about some new features (maybe players) coming.

    There are a lot of rumors Zune is making a 'nano' like Zune that will have wi-fi and videos. There's also rumors of an 80gb player too from Zune.....

    Zune has Zune Marketplace where you can buy songs (cheaper than iTunes) and also get Zune Pass (Check it out here ). Other than that, getting music for Zune works just like iPods (except you can also listen to radio on Zune) You can rip CDs to it. You can also get music from those "legal" sites like limewire and bearshare.

    As for other players, Apple is pretty tight-lipped on any new developments. Zune is eating up all the other player's profits, but there is a new Yahoo player that wirelessly uploads music from your computer.....

    Hope that helps and good luck on your decision....

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    ooooo yeah u know the mp4 is here and the new apple phone is coming to but they are costly check them out they are awsome!!

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    SE w880i walkman phone.its all in one

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    there are billions of media out. its not hard, start googling

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