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who knows any websites for free personalized myspace layouts?

i want a myspace layout that has the name Jennifer on it any websites i can get it for free?

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    i make layouts

    they are realy unique, and you can have them how you like.


    thats my website ... it has a few examples


    thats my myspace, i have a layout that i made.. see if you like the design.

    if you email me with colours, pictures, ect ...

    i will have a go


  • gloe
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    4 years ago

    Like somebody Already mentioned, facebook Is safer, And The Pages Can Load somewhat quicker.. additionally, There Are a team Of Apps On facebook, that are no longer On Myspace, that are incredibly relaxing.. I Used to pass On Myspace, yet Then I Made A facebook, and that i'm smitten by using It. I even have extra acquaintances On facebook, Than Myspace, And On facebook, i'm able to consult kinfolk, because of the fact they have not got A Myspace. =P

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    try one of these:




    when you go to these sites, look under glitter graphics

    good luck!

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