can any one help me with fairly simple definitions to these words:?

Indentured servants





Blockade Runners

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    Indentured Servants - - - people who have contracted to provide services for a set number of years in exchange for transportation to a distant place and setting them up with the necessities of life such as a job/career etc.

    Privateering was a polte term for piracy; a Captain and his crew usually had a 'Letter of Marque,' permission from some authority to prey upon the shipping of another power // you could interpret the word as Private Piracy ...

    Embargo means to enact legislation against accepting items such as trade goods with a 'belligerent power.' In America right around 1800 the Congress enacted an ambargo against goods from Great Britain in responce to that nations impressment (forced work) of American silors,

    Emancipation - - - freedown -- --

    Abolition - - - to abolish, used most often to denote the abolishment of slavery...

    Blockade Runners were ships who thumbed their noses at the Embargo and risked capture by warships but 'sneaking into' embargoed ports to either deliver and/or pick up trade goods.


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    You can try to figure out some of these on your own. They aren't that hard. But... here's 50%.

    An indentured servant is a person who can come to a country with no charge. However, they have to pay their way off by being a servant. After working to pay off their debts, they could be free.

    Privateers are volunteer boats for a navy.

    Abolition is to abolish or stop something. An example would be the abolitionists in the Civil War. They wanted to get rid of, or abolish, slavery.

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