Any republicans out there who can't stand Bush anymore?

What can republican candidates do to repair the party?

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    1 decade ago
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    Dubya broke about almost all the GOPs rules except raising taxes but he loves to $PEND $PEND $PEND!

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, I'm a republican and I can't stand the Bush regime.

    I'm not sure the republican party can survive this.

    I think the only ones left still supporting Bush are either mentally ill or never watch anything other then Fox News. They are the most uninformed people in America.

    Bush had the world in his hands after 911 and he invaded the wrong country. What a f'n waste. The world was with us and so were most Americans.

    He's ruined our military. He's lowered the standards to include felons, mentally, uneducated and old people.

    He's borrowed our future away. The creditcard bill will become due. He's spent more then any other presidency.

    He's left our borders wide open, AFTER 911!!! We have no idea who is flooding here.

    He doesn't give a crap about americans and he takes our taxes and ships it overseas. It's our money and it should stay within our borders!!!!!!!

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    I am half democrat half republican

    there are some issues i disagree withe dems and republicans.

    I cannot say that i am sick of Bush but the Bushes and Reagan created a mess. Actually, this mess goes back to Reagan's presidency. I am pissed off at Bush that he and his cabinet went into Iraq without an exit plan, without possible problems, without understanding iraq and its culture. Ask any person with common sense, he/she would have brought up all those questions "what if!"

    Bush Sr screwed up big time. Iraq could have been on its feet without Saddam when the world was supporting the US in gulf war 1. Now, the US army is stretched to the limit! There is really no win in Iraq. We won the battles but we lost the war. Welcome to Vietnam II!

    I am not sure who can be a better president fo the US at this stage. Out of reps, US Senator Charles T. "Chuck" Hagel could be a good match. He is a Vietnam vet. So he knows what went on in Vietnam. We need someone iwht military experience. Democrats are not known to have a strong military cabinet so i would not put a democrat in the white house ESP HILARY! I might consider Obama but then he has no strong campaign.

    Forget Democrats! they are a disgrace. They lost everything this party stood for.

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    I dont know that the republican party needs to be repaired, because the Democrat party seems to be the one who is in the most disorder. Republicans need to realize that they have to continue to stick to their guns and do what they do best, which is to stimulate the economy and help American business. Most of the policy enacted by the Republican governments over the last 7 years has been sound, the Dow Jones reached all time highs as well as the Nasdaq which shows a growth in business.

    Republicans have also been better friends to education than the Democrats, as the Dems have brought about a new act in state government called Act 1 which states that school districts are no longer allowed to raise school taxes without a referendum vote of the population. This basically means that it is virtually impossible for school districts to obtain money for new programs or even to sustain current programs. It seems Democrats would rather horde tax money to give to wellfare and social programs at the expense of both the American economy and to the detriment of the common public school system.

    Not to mention that democrats do not even agree with their own party on most issues, and most democrats at least have some republican ideals. The exception to this which is a scary alternative is that Hillary Clinton is as left wing liberal as they come, and if she is elected we will see inflation rise as minimum wages are raised to help inner city poor communities which will raise the prices for everyone else, causing extreme inflation. Also she will pull all of the troops from the Middle East causing it to implode into a terrible civil war where we will see gas prices soar to $10.00 a gallon and provide a safe haven for terrorists worldwide.

    This is why Democrats should not be allowed to take power over the US Government.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm an ex-Republican. I joined the Constitution Party, voted for Peroutka in '04.

    Never voted for Bush, though....

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    if anyone can stand Bush, what would they stand for, the Grand Old Party is partied out,

    and another one bites the dust..

  • 1 decade ago

    Any time that I think about being tired of Bush, I remember that we could have that screw-up John Kerry in office. [If there's one thing I have never heard or read, it's anyone ever saying that they wish Kerry were in office.] Or, it could have been that hippopotamus Al Gore. Ack! I'll take Bush any day, given those three choices.

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    An extreme makeover?

  • 1 decade ago

    It depends what you'd want to stand firm on and what to let slide.

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    Why don't you go tell the dems to grow a spine. Thanks.

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