My friend is a registered sex offender. It is hard for him to find a job. Any tips? Serious answers only?

Employers turn him down.


It was long ago. He is not on parole. He is 37.

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    Unfortunately, more and more employers do background checks. He would be best to go to a small, locally owned business. He should look for jobs that do not interact much with the public. Businesses will be hesitant to hire someone people may eventually recognize on the local Megans Law website. His PO or a local nonprofit that assists former felons with re-entry may know of places willing to hire him.

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    I think the best job opportunities for your friend might be those that do not require direct contact with the public. I have no expertise in this area, but I think it is logical to assume that he may more easily be hired into a job such as construction work, rather than one such as a pre-school teacher. Also, the internet and home-based sales fields have greatly expanded people's ability to work from home. He could also do something that is not usually considered a conventional job by today's standards, like breed animals or work on a farm. As time goes by, I'm sure he will be able to prove that he has moved beyond the negative ways of his past. His employer will hopefully grow to trust him, and your friend will most likely be promoted. Seriously- there are many industries out there that offer good pay and little contact with other people, and his best chances of success right now would be within such fields.

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    He must be honest with his potential employer about his sex offender status. Be prepared to explain why it will not be a problem at work. A recommendation from a probation or parole officer would be very helpful.

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    While I don't have experience helping this particular type of felon, I have helped plenty of others get back on their feet.

    The pdf in the link below can be a good start. Without gainful employement, the chance of your freind acting again is, unfortunately, high. I suggest you contact the center who has this article and ask them as well.

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  • Roger
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    It is hard for anyone to get a job at the moment he'll just have to have a good resume and does he have references because 2-4 great references would help a lot :)

    good luck to 'him'

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    Unemployment usually has a job center with counselors that help place people. Maybe your friend should try there.

  • Anonymous
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    Your friend could try working from home.Check this out for legitimate work from home jobs

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    Is he interested in starting his own business such as Ebay?

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    does he have a PO that he should turn to for advice?

    its hard to get a job anywhere... he will have to be willing to work his way up somewhere.

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