Can anybody tell me how to do a business model for McDonald's?

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    If I understand the question correctly, you are asking how to write an essay on McDonald's business model.

    First, know how to write an expository essay. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by describing that.

    Second, describe the elements that are UNIQUE to McDonald's (MCD) that have specificially made it a success.

    Third, do research into parallel examples. That support your thesis on the characteristics.

    For example:

    Thesis: McDonald's business model relies on business process engineering, low cost and marketing symbiosis.

    Paragraph 2: Business process engineering is a key element to the business model. Effect: process engineering minimizes costs through keeping labor costs down, maximizing productivity and reducing shrinkage through errors. Example: McDonalds equipment allows it to have semi-automated cooking (which in turn pioneered modern fast food). Historical parallel: Took cue from Henry Ford's process engineering. Could hire unskilled workers, rather than short-order cooks. Productivity was maximized by making sure cooking time was minimized. Shrinkage was reduced as cooking time was exact, timed and had few variables. Also, product was standardized for less errors. Employee theft/shrinkage also minized through division of labor/small batch ordering.

    You can do the other two elements (low costs & marketing symbiosis).

    There are tons of books to help you on this specific topic, like

    "Behind the Arches" by John Love

    "Grinding it Out" by Ray Kroc (the founder)

    "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser

    "Ray Kroc: The Life of McDonalds" by Heineman

    And a hundred other business model books that use McDonalds. Any book on Fast Food will cite McDonald's Business Model.

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