I need to paint my home in order to sell it. How much paint is needed for a rambler 1921 sq. ft?

I also need to know the best paint for the money.

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    It can vary due to conditons of the exterior. Figure 300 sq ft per gallon at best. If it has not been painted in a while, you might need 7-8 gallons.

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    To figure amount of paint take the perimeter of area x height which gives square footage. Good quality paint equals better coverage and often 1 coat instead of 2, goes on better, etc.

    Most home stores have charts to help you figure the paint needed. Average 300-400 sq.' to gal on good quality paint. If it has been long time since painted then the surfaces will soak up more paint and get less coverage out of a gallon.

    A fresh coat of the right paint/colors can be least expensive way to update a house. Stay neutral inside and complement the flooring if that is good and staying down. There are many helps available at building supply stores to help people preveiw colors before buying.

    Big reminder to make sure you do not put a latex paint over possible oil base paint, like on trim/doors. rubbing alcohol will NOT take off oil base paint when you rub on it. You can not put latex right over oil. Need to know what is on your surfaces before you make a mess!

    Just remember cheaper paint is just that, lots of water and takes more and longer to do a good job.

    Source(s): 8 yrs paint sales/accredidation
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    Generally , you dont paint your house when you move. Different people like different color walls, will the new people liek the color u choose?? leave painting to them

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    Inside or outside? Walls and cielings? Exterior siding and underhangs?

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