can some one explain?

whats the difference between dating.. aka seeing someone and being boyfriend and girl friend with some ??? thanks

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    dating is going places as in going to movies or w/e with a friend of the oppisite gender, boyfriend girlfriend the only difference is holding hands, kissing, and etc.

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  • boyfriend/girlfriend suggests you are loyal to each other, and not seeing anyone else. You may start planning your weekends together, meeting each others families etc. Dating is just that.. going out on dates, with no definite commitment to being more, and knowing you can still date other people at the same time if you want

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    I have always thought as dating as the stage where you are just getting to know each other, mostly hanging out doing things you both enjoy. The step to boyfriend and girlfriend is generally a mutually understood one and it is when both parties decide that they want to spend time with only the other person and no other people of the opposite sex (in the possible dating sort of way, not cutting themselves off of friends of the opposite sex)

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    Dating is basically when you are seeing someone and trying to get to know them better. When you are dating it's not necessarily exclusive; you could still be seeing other people and trying to find the person for you. When you do get to know each other better, and feel like you don't want to see anyone else that's when you become boyfriend/girlfriend.

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    Well if you are dating then you are in the process of getting to know each other to see if you connect. If you connect and you really like each other, then the two of you make the decision together that you want to be in a commited relationship. Then that is when you call each other, boyfriend and girlfriend.

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    When you are dating, you're allowed to hang out with other people and date different people to see who you want to be with...when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you're commited to each other. Neither of you dates other people.

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    dating someone is like- you are still trying to get to know that person yo may discuss your lifestyle over dinner or something of that sort

    seeing someone- well the answer is the way you worded it you just stop by to say hello sometimes and you all have an understanding

    Bf and Gf- Thats whom you are in a relationship with

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    I believe we are talking about different levels of commitments as If you date someone its not necessary that you have to date only with that someone but If you are bf and gf you date only with each other and so on . Bell

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    well dating u can dat tons of girls at a u commit to one girl/boy

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    The ?????.

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