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My nose itches terribly! Can you help me? Any suggestions?

My nose itches terribly usually once a day, sometimes more but rarely less. It lasts for about an hour. It itches in the inside, but it's worse on the skin on the outside. When I scratch or rub my nose there is temporary relief that subsides almost as soon as my hand isn't touching my nose anymore. It's driving me nuts!!

Sometimes there is a mucous drainage that appears a couple hours later, but not always, and the fact that my nose stops itching before it shows makes me think it's not related like people have suggested to me before.

In case it matters or is related, I have dry skin that itches often, too. Lotions and oils haven't helped. Itching away from my nose isn't as intense as the nose, itch, though, and isn't consistently in one place. It's tolerable.

Could all this be indicative of some problem greater than an itch? Could it be a result of trauma to the brain?

Any suggestions to calm the itch? Any other suggestions?


Kimi K ... before you cite common sense as a source for your 'wisdom,' you might want to try using some common sense yourself. Maybe read before you respond? I said that itching doesn't help.

Update 2:

I mean ... I said that scratching doesn't help.

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    mine will do that after a facial sometimes . i put honey on it for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. then i use benedral creme. no it is not a brain trauma. are you going to be a nurse? a nurse person would jump to a conclusion like that. that's cute!

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    Avoid using whatever cleansing product you are using, you probably have an adverse reaction to it. There are other products out there. For the moment, wash your face when you have an itch, it may clear away irritants, and the water will cause temporary relief although it is less likely to be effective. After a few washes, try some soothing lotion on the nose. At the very least it should cool the urge to scratch and strengthen the tissue. When you are ready, if it is really troubling contact a dermatologist and try to set an appointment right away.

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    flow to a ear nostril and throat well being care service to get hypersensitive reaction examined (as long as you do not techniques pictures) I were given 107 pictures in like a hours time. After being examined I were given one shot a week for 2 years after which one shot everyother week for a 12 months. The pictures slowly make you resistant to allergies. Now i do not ought to get any pictures in any respect because i'm immune.

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    sounds like allergy especially if at the same time and place every day, once you leave the place then it will go away. and yes itching it relieves it but makes the allery worse.

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    see a doctor!

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    Ummm...have you tried just scratching it? It just might help!

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