Musicians and Singers! Who's your musical influences?

My influences are Kurt Cobain, Tori Amos, Prince, Madonna, Teena Marie, Amy Lee and Jonathan Davis.

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    My singing and lyrics in songwriting are influenced by a lot of people. The only artists I can name off the top of my head are Pink Floyd (a lot of them contribute to their lyrics), Bon Scott (AC/DC back in the day, R.I.P.), Steve Miller and Rob Plant. It's basically consisted of stable scale-friendly singers for the most part.

    As for my guitar music it's heavily influeneced by Metallica for the moment. I use a lot of F minor when playing the guitar so I naturally find myself playing "Smells Like Teen Sprit" whenever my mind wanders off (not to mention it's usually in drop-D tuning). My guitar playing also resembles 3 Doors Down, some Eagles and Lynyrd Skynynrd and also some Chevelle (I use a Schecter just like Pete in most of their works)

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    I found out the thank you to play guitar via age 8 and via age 15 i desperate to alter to steer guitar after listening to 'fairly much decrease My Hair' via Crosby, Stills, Nash & youthful. Then i desperate to attempt and play some Beatles tunes. From then on out i became into enormously motivated via the great (yet underrated) George Harrison. Songs like 'Yer Blues' via The Beatles and 'Roadhouse Blues' via The doorways motivated me to attempt songwriting. And my solos are heavily motivated via George Harrison and Neil youthful. great question. thank you.

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    I don't think I could name just a few.

    Me and my people are influenced by just about everything we grew up listening to, spanning genres such as classic rock, new wave, classical, punk rock, indie, psychedelic, folk etc etc etc.

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    1 decade ago

    frank zappa

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    great question/

    mine are;







    robbie williams

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