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Should I or Should I Not?

It is going to be 70 degrees tomorrow and partly cloudy. Do u all think it is alright for me to wear shorts (not booty shorts) and a short sleeve button-up to school? I dont want ppl to think Im crazy lol...So just let me know what u think...


I was going to wear em with some Old Navy Flip Flops

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    I think so, 70 degrees is pretty nice for me.

    I accidentally wore pretty short-shorts and a tank top to school when it was really, really cold once. I got more sympathy than people making fun of me, I actually got a jacket. :)

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    okay i just answered the smae question. if you dont think so then dont wear it stop caring if the other ppl are going to care as long as your not naked thats fine then ppl will takl about but not that shes wearing summer clothes in 70 deggre weather thats just plain stupid!

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    I would think it still too cold for shorts, maybe capri pants with tankie under the short sleeve button-up.

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    Yes as long as you don't wear flip flops & a beach bag.

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    yeah i dont see why long as your comfortable who cares what they think... and 70 degrees is pretty warm..definitely warm enough for shorts!

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    i would wear Bermuda shorts, because there still a little longer so people wont look at you weird and stuff

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    Wear whatever you want to wear, don't care about what's 'in' or what others think.

    But if you're cold you're wont die.

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    yeha like bermuda shorts.

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    uhh yes

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    uhhhhhhhh.......yea just go outside before you get dressed to make sure that it's not too cold!!!

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