What tips/tricks do you have to make TV "rabbit ears" work the best?

Half of you will probably say "aluminum foil". If so, what's the best way to apply it, and how much?

What other things work....what's to be considered??

...yes, I don't have cable and...no desire to get it either....


I have a powered antenna...the one you plug in...it's pretty decent....

..I'm still wondering how to maximize reception though...

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    I once lived in an apartment with metal window sills. The TV was next to the window. I put the antenna in contact with the window sill and it became a big receiver for me...it worked quite well.

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    I have rabbit ears, and I am not interested in cable either.

    I suggest moving the ears for lower channels (2-13) and moving the circle part for higher channels.

    Sometimes weather affects them so you may get better reception depending on it.

    Also make sure your TV is set for Antenna and not cable under your menu on your TV.

    Hope this helps

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    1 decade ago

    I was going to say aluminum foil, but... you can always invest in a new antenna, they have pretty good ones out now that are not too expensive. Sometimes you have to experiment with the placement of the antenna, but there is usually one specific place that it should be placed.

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    i just can't believe pople still use rabbit ears. do a search for it on yahoo or answers b/c a few days ago it was on here a/b updating the rabbit ears. i hope you find it. good for you the cable companies are all thieves anyway. i hope you find the answer your looking for.

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