If UPS or FedEx deliver a package to the wrong address, can I be reimbursed or am I screwed?

I noticed that my package was taking a long time to arrive, so I tracked it through the website and it was delivered to the wrong address. It was even sent to a different state!! Is there some way I can be reimbursed for their incompetency?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    call customer service if no help ask for the supervisor if no help call BBB

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    If it grow to be addressed incorrect because of the agency you acquire it from, it isn't their fault. grow to be the packaged insured? If it grow to be and think ofyou've got were given the want to make a declare you are able to must have a receipt- that you should have a replica of or can get one from the agency you acquire the product from- previous to them giving any funds back and they have the possibility to nicely acceptable their mistake in the previous they ought to envision a declare- so the perfect element to do is get a monitoring variety and communicate with the agency that despatched it to get on the telephone with the shipping agency. enable them attempt to fix the problem.

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