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what is a so called "High end" bar ?

just curious about what the definition of this term is when people throw it around and what it is like verusus any other type of bar? maybe versus a low end bar if there is such a thing. thanks

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    High end bar just refers to the quality of "house" liquor and the selection of premium liquors. A high end bar might use Stoli or Grey Goose as their house vodka instead of Banker's Club, and may have super premium scotches, like a Macallan 30 or a Johnny Walker Blue Label which go for $30 a glass and are not found at most standard bars.

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    Its like areally expensive and sometimes well known bar. Like you see in a movie when people go to those high end restaurants where the waters have a parisian accent and are in brooklyn. LOL!

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    thats where people like to pay extra for common service and drinks just to be chic and or considered essentially sexy. like paying $20.00 for a can of coke and the same or more for mixed drinks that only cost the establishment pennies to acquire, even after the overhead has been paid. bars are not the only ones who use this arrangement either there are others like anything associated with in 100 miles of any disney amusement park

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    Top shelf liquor, expensive, no cheap stuff, liquor quality defly the best of the best.

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