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Why is it that when it comes to pets, everyone thinks they know so much?

I work for a very reputable verterinary practice and like to think that all 5 doctors know what they are talking about. All I hear from breeders, competitors, and other people who think that their way is the only way is "this food is bad" or "if you do this or that, then you are doing the wrong thing". Well, I will be the first person to agree that all grocery store brand foods are crap, but Science Diet, Eukanuba, and Purina One and Pro Choice are all fantastic foods with fantastic diets. Just because it cost a thousand dollars and has some fancy smancy name doesn't make it good. And the people who feed raw meat diets are just looking for trouble. I worked for 6 yrs for a certified veterinary dentist so I know first hand what the raw meat diets will do to your pets teeth--sooner or later they will be eating can food or baby food only because all their teeth are going to rot out.

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    It sounds like you know what is best for the darling pets. I think people mistakingly think they know everything because they are very passionate about their little critters. If something worked or didn't work on their pet, they might be quick to conclude that it would/wouldn't work on any other pet.

    I can see that you are frustrated by others when they seem to think that they know what is best for the pets. Thankfully, you are well educated, experienced, and it is your job to tell them indeed,...what is in the best interest of their animal.

    Keep fighting for the best care of our pets! (It's your job) :)

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    Well, I guess this is the reason why people say vets don't know much of anything about dog nutrition!

    Let's see:

    Science Diet has a puppy food where the first ingredient is rice. It uses low quality grains, has insufficient meat content and is not recommended.

    Pro Plan - again not recommended. First ingredient is meat but once the water is removed (to turn it into kibble) it's not likely meat is still the first ingredient. Food is based on cereals - low quality cereals, unspecified ingredients and beet pul which is a cheap filler which causes many problems.

    Purina 1 - also not recommended. Again once the water is removed from the meat ingredient, not the first ingredient. Contrains brewers rice which is low quality, corn gluten which is even worse than corn, wheat which is the # 1 cause for allergies and beef tallow - very low quality fat.

    Eubanuba Maintenance - surprise! not recommended either.

    Primary grain is corn - difficult to digest and cause of allergies and yeast infections. Sorghum - low quality grain. Brewers rice - low quality grain. Manufacturer does not deny using a carcinogenic preservative. Beet pulp again. Citric acid preservative - if this food is moistened that causes a risk of bloat in large dogs.

    I'm glad I go to a different vet clinic!

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    If indeed you do work for a vet practice and if you have researched thoroughly you would know that 1) Science Diet, IAMS/Eukanuba,Purina, pedigree, etc are NOT good would know taht they contain way too much grains and by would also know that dogs are carnivores..meat eaters not grain eaters therefore they need meat protein not grain

    2) you would know that a raw diet done properly does not cause tooth issues at all

    I think it wise for you to study canine anatomy and digestive systems and to learn about the proper diet for carnivores.

    Source(s): veterinary tech for 34 years
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    My guess is because animals touch your heart, and any owner that REALLY loves their pet, therefore becomes VERY opinionated when they are discussing them. They have found (one way or another) what works for them, and become convinced their way is the ONLY way. Your line of work can be both rewarding, and VERY frustating!! YOU see the good AND the bad, and YOU have learned the difference (as well as having EXPERT advice readily handy). MOST people haven't been exposed to BOTH sides. The pet food craze is because EVERYONE is in a state of panic, at the thought of losing their beloved pet. Think about it..If YOU did not have EXPERT advice, and were worried sick about an animal YOU loved, would you not be scared, and trying EVERYTHING you could to prevent the loss of your pet? I know it's really hard for you, but they are just trying everything and anything they can to provide for and protect their pet.

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  • You realize the Purina company was included in that massive pet food recall right? And actually so was Eukanuba...

    But, people usually like to pretend they know what they are talking about because it makes them feel good.

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    unless you feed them the raw uncooked bones to clean their teeth. much better than any kibble! just because you have been brain washed for 6 years at a veterinarians office doesnt mean you know anything either. you think they WANT to cure aids? you think they WANT to cure cancer? uh no. lots of people would have their jags and big gas burning SUVs if they didnt have jobs. its the same with vets. of course they want you to feed you dog this and that- if they dont get debilitating diseases in old age- half their pts wouldnt be paying customers anymore! im sure most have good intentions... maybe. but when it comes to my dog, and my pets. i make the call. i make the decisions. common sense will always mean more to me that "the vet told me so" give me a break... dogs in the wilds avg life expectancy is only a bit less than pampered fluffy with a rhinestone collar. and the only reason for that would be because they are exposed to the elements. they are exposed to freezing/hot conditions. rain, overpopulation, disease. the latter two wouldnt be nearly as big a problem is humans hadnt crowded them out with petcos and walmarts.

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    yes i agree. people seem to trust their breeders and freinds more than the vet. i like when people who haven't even graduated high school tell me what the best diet is, because they know and all thos DVM/PhD researchers with food companies are idiots. What can you do, these people won't change.

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    In all fairness, some people do know what they are talking about when it comes to pets; mostly, it's knowledge based on experience with their own pets! there are many variables when it comes to animal issues, and what may work for one person's cat or dog, or horse for that matter,, may not work quite as well for another's all relative.

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    if you know how to read labels, you know what you are talking about. You don't have to be a vet to know how to read a label.

    Anything made by purina is crap. Just a note to self.

    All of those foods are crap.

    If you were so 'professional' you wouldn't be ranting, now would you?

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    This is pet owners being pet owners they think they know everything that is good for their pets.

    It happens in the people world too. Parents think they know everything and the doctors do not know what they are talking about.

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