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How do you know if you are truely depressed or not?

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    Everyone experiences depressed thoughts during their life. But if you want to know if you have depression, you go to your general physician, who will then refer you to a therapist, who will then send you to a psychiatrist! That's how many people go about it...although you can skip the first two steps, they're useful in helping to eliminate other causes for your feelings.

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    Don't confuse normal depression with clinical depression. A lot of people think that a long bout of depression must be a medical problem, not so. Most of the time depression is a normal response to problems or a tragedy. Some people take longer to recover than others because of other factors in your life. It's only a medical condition when the person doesn't know why they are depressed and nothing they do can snap them out of it. Most of the time these can be diet related. Too much sugar, high fat diets. Recently its been discovered that omega 6 fatty acids can cause depression. Artificial sweetener and preservatives in large quantity and alcohol are also culprits. Try avoiding these for a few weeks, most likely you will start to feel better. Dont over hydrate yourself for extended periods of time, and do take B vitamins.

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    Depression--in my opinion--is basically a loss of interest in life and the things that make you happy. It can best be described as a "blah" feeling (sort of a feeling of nothingness) which makes everything more of a challenge. If you give in to depression you will spend a lot of time in bed and you will either overeat or not eat enough. Lack of motivation, energy and enthusiasm for the things you normally enjoy will make your life feel empty and you will struggle with boredom. If things continue to spiral downward you will start entertaining thoughts of hurting yourself or suicide.

    If you think you might be depressed you need to tell someone and see a doctor. When I find it hard to get motivated I always just start doing whatever I like to normally do and then the motivation usually comes. For instance, today I forced myself to go swimming even though I didn't want to go. Once I got in the pool and did a few laps I started to feel better and my energy came back. Same goes for reading. I normally like to read but sometimes I would rather watch a B-movie on TV instead of using my brain. Once I open up a book and struggle through a couple of pages I start to feel that zest again for reading.

    Source(s): Someone who has had to learn to live with on-again off-again depression for the last 15 years.
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    The only way you will know if you are truely depressed is to talk to a professional. Signs and symptoms include inability to sleep, too much sleeping, lack of appetite, eating too much, chronic pains (especially in the back), uncontrollable crying, general feeling of being overwhelmed, and many other symptoms. Please speak to a doctor or psychiatrist if you show ANY symptoms. You do not have to show but one symptom to be depressed a little bit, and a little bit depressed is too much. I know from personal experience, I let my depression get worse and worse until I was severely depressed. Please see someone... you deserve happiness.

    Source(s): Myself, wikipedia, psychology class, doctors and psychiatrists I know.
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    The following are warning signs of depression and should be taken seriously if one regularly experiences them:

    Depressed mood

    Loss of appetite for food

    Difficulty sleeping or sleeping much more than usual

    A sense of helplessness and hopelessness

    Thoughts about suicide

    Loss of interest in the activities of daily living (work, play, time with family and friends)

    Unusual irritability

    Feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt

    Diminished ability to think or concentrate

    If you are experiencing up to five of these symptoms for more than two weeks, this may represent a serious depressive episode. If so, see your doctor as soon as possible.

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    If you have to ask this question, the answer is likely that you are depressed.

    But, there is a great description on this page:


    the whole ifred.org page is full of wonderful resources and information regarding depression.

    Check it out. Know that you are not alone!

    Source(s): Im a nurse
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    I am sure the previous 3 answers arent what you want to hear, I have been depressed and this is how i felt: I didnt want to get out of bed, if i did, i didnt want to get dressed or go out, i didnt care about my appearance, didnt want to talk on the phone or have company. i just wanted to be alone and during the alone time, all i could think about was everything that was bad in my life. it is hard to get over by yourself, if you dont want to see a doctor (which is a good idea) do you have a friend or family member you can talk to that wont judge you, if you dont, start a journal and write down everything you are feeling, sometimes getting out of your head makes it better. hope this helps

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    First thing i did when i thought i was suffering depression was search it on the internet and read everything i could. Then i went to the doctor who has referred me to a counsellor to talk through my issues...my first appointment today

    I know how you feel, get some help soon, it only gets worse the longer you leave it

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    If you think you are depressed, you need to go see a doctor. Please, do not let this go. Depression is a terrible thing and if left untreated can destroy your life and be a real hardship on your family. I know firsthand what it can to to people, and it is not something you want to let happen. Take action right now and God bless you.

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    there are usually questions that a doctor asks you to narrow down symptoms and make a proper diagnosis. if depression/suicide/anxiety runs in your family, its a good chance you also may have it. Depression is not just "you being sad". its a chemical imbalance in the brain that may or may not be triggered by something that happens in your life. depression is not something you can choose to have. however, it is treatable with medication to balance those chemicals in your brain.

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