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Why do SOME on the FAR LEFT make stupid comments about conservatives being more dangerous than terrorists?

Do these people actually think? Are they programmed? Do they seek attention? Are they lonely? Have they ever seen the ruthless and unwatchable videos that show beheadings and what these loons are doing to people? How can they compare these people to conservatives? To be fair, how can loons on the right say the same things about Democrats?


Neddie - Why do you even comment. Every time I see you post somewhere, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the question. Your response to my question was a normal Bush hating comment that had nothing to do with my question. Thanks for dodging the question and spewing hate. You will get the support of the 3% radicals on the FAR LEFT. Thanks.

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    I think that with any political affiliation you are bound to get some nutters. Those people that choose only to believe the most negative even after it has been proved a LIE. They are so consumed with hate that they can not and will not see the truth.

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    If we incorporate the U.S. and Communist China as a techniques left, and Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy as a techniques good (whether Fascism implies a point of government administration of the economic equipment and private life plenty greater consistent with a a techniques left outlook), the a techniques lefts win via a mile. submit to in techniques Stalin killed over 30 million of his very own matters by way of purges and collectivization and heaven purely knows what proportion chinese language did no longer take the large bounce forward alongside with Mao. if your remark is interior of on the instant's context i'd advise that neither rather carry down the identify for violence - that could bypass to those terrorist communities utilising faith as a conceal for their agendas.

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    Because the far left is stupid. However to be fair the far right is every bit as stupid as the far left. People such as Michael Moore own and control the FAR LEFT WING media so he can grab the cameramans attention at every opportunity he can. Rosie O'Donnell loves to open her fat mouth as well, the only difference is she is twice as dumb as Michael Moore.

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    A lot of times--too many--there's no political discussion. There's just a spitting contest--who can say the crappiest thing about the other side? It's childish.

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    Osama bin Laden attacked America on 9-11-2001

    George W. Bush was the president, and commander in chief

    President Bush avenged the attack by attacking Saddam Hussein and invading Iraq

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    Liberals actually believe conservatives are a bigger threat. This is what massive emotion does to people.

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    I believe it is because we are more dangerous to their little agenda... we stand up for freedom and not socialism... the terrorists fall right in line with it and won't stop them.

  • Anonymous
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    The same reason some people say that liberals support the terrorists. There are a lot of uneducated people out there.

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    I believe that this is a comparison of apples & oranges--the only comparison would be general (apples & oranges are fruits)

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    Go Billy Go! I'm watchin' And I'm likin' what I see. Give `em Hell Billy!

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