Does anyone know a website where I can find a current value for a vintage guitar?

I have a '76? Ovation acoustic guitar, great condish, I'd just like to see how much it could be worth


a little more about the guitar, I'm not positive on the year, it's close to 76, and the tricky thing is I can't find anything on it.

If you were a collector, how much would you pay for it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The model is something that you really need to provide to give an accurate price, but according to the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars, the most expensive model of Ovation (Adamas) sells for between $2000 (in perfect condition) and $900 (in average condition). The least expensive (Celebrity) goes for between $100 in mint shape down to $50 in average shape.

    If you were to trade it in, expect 50% to 75% of the actual value. If sold to a store that buys used gear expect 25% to 35% of the above values.

    Source(s): I build guitars for a living
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