I just got my nipples pierced. It was a very spontaneous thing, but I am very happy with the result. It makes me feel better about something many women are insecure about. Anyways, what ways should I take care of it? I don't want it to become infected. I have been washing it with Dial Antibacterial soap, twice, three times a day and then putting triple antibiotic ointment on it, and then putting a bandaid over that. Am I taking care of this right? I also know about salt water, but being a college student and getting ready to come home makes it hard to get your hands on.

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    Congratulations on your piercings. Now take care of them correctly. Antibacterial soap is actually dring you nipples and the are probably starting to chaff now or are sore to touch. Triple antibotic ointment says right on the tube that you should not use it on punture wounds. And guess what, you actually have a punture wound in each nipple. Go to the store and get a product called Bactine. They even make it in a spray form. Follow the instructions and don't baby you nipples. They will heal in couple of weaks and tell your boyfriend/girlfriend to stop touching them until they heal or they could screw them up. The screw up part isn't true but this will have more of an effect on the person.

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    You're doing very well with it. If there is no redness or swelling after a few days, it's probably healed. Pain and pus would be symptoms you wouldn't want, and pus would definitely merit a trip to the doctor.

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