What's the best blog for a traveler?

I want to share pictures and fully customize my blog.

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    Why don't you start at www.neigo.com, try it out online. This has very user friendly interface. It’s simple but also very useful. Nice interacting tool that allow you share your thought with your online friends. Also you can insert as many as pictures you like from your photo album


    You can do both blog and upload your photo images for free here. They have very good security for images and blog post. Also they ping search engine and make RSS feed for your blog when you post it so that people can find your blog online. If you set your album or post as private, other user can not see your album's images or post unless you allow them to see it. Best of all, the message and feedback feature allow you to contact your friend or other user directly easily. Also you can set your post as draft only for you to read. After you sign up, your URL address will be "username.neigo.com". Easy to remember and you can share it with your friends. Customize themes and title allows you to set up your personal style for the interface. Also they have very good interacting tools such like message and feedback that allow you contact to other user freely.

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    Well, there are sites where you can create your own blog and you can add stuff to it. Like maybe you can add so other people can post stuff in your blog.And for instance or maybe starters, If you have aim, go to the AOL site and look for aim bots, then click on add Spleak, (no download required) then look for Spleaks blog or talk to her and ask her "Can I see your blog?" Here is the site for Spleak's blog for starters if you do not want to do what a just said:http://peopleconnection.aol.com/blogs and create an account then click on that same page, click on create a blog.

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    Many features and customizations available

    If not try www.livejournal.com

    ~ Nannie B ~

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