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Can you list some...?

similarities and differences between the Halifax Resolves and the Decloration of Independence?

Thankyou sooo much!

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    BTW..It's "DeclAration" of Independence...possible typo on your part, but most important that it be spelled correctly.

    As a history major, I could easily rattle off the similarities and differences between these two, but I feel it's imperative you learn to do your assignments on your own and not depend on others to do them for you. To me this comes in the category of CHEATING.....and you will feel so much better about yourself for doing the work on your own...especially if you put forth a reasonable amount of effort on this.

    Start off by entering a search for each one. Print off the results. Then read each looking for similarities, listing them as you find them. Do the same for finding the differences. Finish by writing a coherent paper describing your findings....if this assignment is due tomorrow, you might be in for a long night!

    Good luck!!

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