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Do dreams have a hidden meaning or are they just a result of a vivid imagination?

I've been having some very strange ones lately!

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    I do believe dreams have meaning to them. It's not that they are hidden exactly, just told in a different symbolic language.

    There are some common symbols in every ones dreams but most often the symbols are very specific to the dreamer.

    This is why the best person to decipher your dreams is you. What do the different people and places symbolize to you.

    How do these symbols make you feel, what emotions do they bring up? What is your immediate feeling when you wake from the dream. These factors will help you discern your dream images.

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    I am a believer in their hidden meaning but they dont really ever mean what is obvious. Its more the way you feel in the dream or if you can find parallels between them (if you dream of a dinosaur chasing you it could be a reference to your boss or something lol and how you feel about them).

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    We can have over 10,000 dreams a night. The ones that occur that most in our brain usually are the ones we remember visualizing. Carl Jung felt it was a look into your unconscious thought. Many of your unconscious desires, questions, or fears actually find their way into your dreams.

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    dreams can have meanings i will no get into all that dreams coming true stuff now but i believe they do have meanings they are a par of your subconsciouses things that you think about but never relies they are about your deepest feelings, emotions, and memory's when you are dreaming it is like a whole other world

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