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My girlfriend left me 4-days ago and I never knew why?

Offically on april 11 she stopped talking to me. Everything was going great and no signs of another person. But I assumed through past experiences and curiousity that there was the possiblity of a guy she met when we first started dating. We were offically together Dec.06 and I flew twice overseas from the states to the philippines since we met in Sept.06 till now.. We had plans and the feelings were always strong, I pretty much talked to her everyday, and I was suppose to go back in May, but I had financial issues, and we both agreed for me to fly back in august for her birthday. She never talked about any confused topics or gave me any signs of disbelief for not wanting to be with me anymore. She spoke with good intent of me and her spending the rest of our lives together, and that she always told me, she would never change. On the 25th, I got a text saying that she was sorre and that she could no longer wait, and she will never comeback she asked for my forgiveness and 2 forget her

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    .....I'm sorry it turned out this way for you.

    The problem wasn't necessarily you, although there may have been compatibility issues which became more clear to her during times when you weren't with her.

    The real problem was distance. You just can't nurture an intimate relationship from long distance. Intimacy requires closeness, not distance. So during the extended times of your absence, surely she met people, made friends, then discovered someone else.

    So you need to believe her when she says it's over. She didn't want the distance problem. My someone who lives where you live. Relationships are hard enough to cultivate when you're near...long distance typically ruins them.

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    I would think that she owes you an explanation. If you are still in touch with her I suggest you ask her to give you her reasons for breaking with you. It will help you in your future relationships with women if, in fact, there was some way in which you had disappointed her without knowing.

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