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One more question about my dobie?

Are all puppies afraid of stairs? Cause my doberman puppy won't climb them, up or down, but jumps to grab tree limbs?

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    Puppies have to be taught to climb stairs, put him on the first or second one and coax the pup, they eventually get it

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    Some are, some arnt. As he gets bigger he will feel fearless and want to fly off the stairs. You can teach him by luring him with treats. Put treats up the stairs, he should follow them, and after awhile he wont be afraid. But if he wont go up at all, just feed treats to him on the bottom stair. And as he gets bigger, or braver, make the elevation higher.

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    Yes the stairs are really hard for most all pups. Once they master going up the coming down is really scary to them. I cant tell you how many time I'd have to carry a 50 pound Golden pup down a flight of stairs.

    Source(s): Former Golden breeder and owner for over 20 eyars
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    Are they open stairs? Are they carpeted? If your puppy can see through the steps, or the stair surface is slippery, it's going to be very difficult to conquer his fear.

    A treat on each step - 3 or 4 step maximium until he gets used to it. Patience - "One step at a time" is the key here

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    I had a doberman once that didn't like stairs either.

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    My dogs would not go up the stairs at first either but you have to teach them by putting one of there paws in front of the other. Good Luck and I hope that sight helps!!

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    ive had the same problem in the past with standard poodles. we kept "walking" them up and down the stairs, finally, they got the hang of it...took awhile, though

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