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Why do people throw around the word "love" (referring to romantic love)?

Why does everyone go around saying "oh, I'm in love with so-and-so" and then the next minute "oh, screw so-and-so...I'm totally in love with John Doe!" and then a week later "Who's John doe? I found the perfect man, John Smith, and I'm sooo in love with him!"

I don't understand. Why does everyone throw around this word? I've only been in love once, not a million times, and when I have crushes/infatuations I don't refer to them as "being in love".

Why do people do this?

And another question, do you feel like this invalidates the people with TRUE love feelings?

Here is a perfect example:;_ylt=AtQB9...

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    Some people are just in love with love. Everyone wants to have someone to love, so some just tell themselves they love everyone who comes along. I have only told two people that i love them, one i was with for 4 years when i was younger and my man now. As i got older i learned by younger relationship was just"puppy love" but i never said i loved any one i dated n between. And yes it does make true love feeling less real. If someone tells you they love you, you wonder how many other people they have said this to. Also some truely do love more than one person but not at the same time. Ex. someone who gotdivorced usually they got divorced because the person changed or other things like cheatig blahblah blah. but i do think a person can love more than once but not like the example you posted here

  • im with u on this one there is no such thing as true love any more we throw the word around all willy nilly and casual and it has lost its significance serioulsy girls meet guys and they are like i love him you should at least wait a few months before uttering that sacred word that so few find sacred anymore (by the way im 17 so im not one of those old ppl)

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    Most folks are in love with being in love, more so than actually loving deeply. Love may be an ephemeral thing but it's not as transitory as popular culture makes it out to be.

    Source(s): Love is never invalidated by false asumptions.
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    i ask myself that ? to.. y would ppl say that if they dont even knw wat it means ,or truly r not in i love maybe ppl just like the way the word sounds or maybe they truly dont understand the whole "i love u " saying bt u shouldnt worry about wat other ppl say and just knw that by u actually knwing wat thoes sertin words mean is a good thingand u wont end in some situations like other ppl

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