Im scared yet excited!!!!!???

My best friend of all time is having a baby soon. She 17. And so am I. Well, the father of course left and her parents well thats a different story. So, because of this lack of support she asked me to be there to help her with the birth of her baby. Immedialy I agreed too, but that time is getting closer. She's about 35 weeks now. Im soooooo nervous about this. Im probably going to cry cause, I cant stand seeing people in pain. Shes the strong one, and Im the big baby, lol. But, I got to be there for her since no one else will. I need tips on how to deal with focusing on her comfort and not my parionod ***, lol.


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    You're a good friend. Your friend is very lucky to have you.

    You're going to do fine. The pain is something that women have been managing for centuries, and they have pain relief options in the event that your friend cannot handle it.

    You just be there for her, and tell her jokes and make her smile. You also be her voice in the event that she can't talk at some point. You can be the advocator of her birth plan if she can't do it herself.

    You'll never have someone love you as much as she will after this. You'll keep it together fine. Watch.

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    well i've definetely been there; my best friend since second grade had a baby at age 14. Me and my family only found out 1 month before she was due, so it was definetely hard. She also comes from a very low-income family, and her parents are working all the time, so me and my mom tried our hardest to comfort her.

    The best thing to do is take her out and do things that came make her forget about all the pain. For example, take her out shopping (if shes healthy enough), go to the movies, ect.

    At first (being a 14 year old girl) I was a little embarrassed to be seen at the mall with a pregnant 14 year old. But really these small things helped her feel a lot less "alone".

    For the actual birth of her baby, just hold her hand and think about how happy she will be once the babys OUT. haha. i unfortuantely wasn't able to witness my friends birth, so i don't personally know what it's like, but try to think about happy times you guys have spent together and don't focus on her pain.

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    Is she opting for pain meds? If she is, chances are she may not be in as much pain as you think. I've had my kids but my only chance to be in the delivery room wth someone else was with my sister. Your job is going to be a big supporter for your friend. I would suggest to pack things to keep you both occupied while you wait for the big moment (magazines-you can read her the articles, cards, music for you both to listen to). She's going to need you to hold her hand as well and be there for her. I'm sure she's quite nervous about the upcoming joyous time. When it's time for her to push the baby out you'll be a big help by counting her thru and just remind her she's doing great. I wish you and your friend a lot of luck with this upcoming delivery. Btw, your a great friend for being there for her.

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    Just be there for her and help her as much as you can and just think that the pain she will go thru will only be for a little while until she has her baby then she will be happy and so will you.You are such a good friend.good luck!!!

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    you are the perfect friend !! Be there and its your time to be the strong cause you will meke her stronger. you had trainned for that moment and the time comes for make that gift to your friend an to your new baby in law LOL Enjoy that moment, its unik !

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    just try talking about the good times you guys have together...and when you go places..try making her laugh and will be fine...good luck..

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