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i want to loose weight, please help.?

ugh ok so im 130lbs and im 5`4, i have wide thighs and a BIG butt...i think its too big, and im trying to loose weight. i've struggled with bulimia in the past, im like obssessed with trying too loose weight but i just can`t stick to a routing, please help.

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    Go to the gym. Don't count calories too too much...concentrate more on burning some fat. And start slowly. You don't want to go on a routine that you will get tired of really fast. Try to keep it simple nd fun. Many gyms will have personal trainers (and free personal trainer sessions) that will help you get good experience at the gym and happily lose the weight without stress. I highly suggest trying out the gym!

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    Go to a counselor, specially if you had been bulimic. It is a very serious condition. Then, try to be content with who you are, as long as you are healthy...I would suggest to exercise, or run, join a gym and stick with it.Is not all about food. Then, accept that maybe your body shape is like that, and maybe you are a bit 'wider' than other woman, but that is ok! Whatever you do, take care of yourself....don't go to extremes, and do not take pills that promise false results.

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    one thing bout human body is that you cannot reduce fat by spot reduction because there is no way that body fat in a certain part burns right away. so do something like jogging or running it will burn most of the fat, rather i would say doing cardio is much better if you wanna burn fat and once you burn the fat you must start working on your abs muscle.

    if you wanna quick results then treadmil is the best choice and if you workout everyday you must eat healthy meals or else you will loose muscle more faster than the fat.

    so eat enough carb(complex), required protien amount and little amount of fat(unsaturated fat) and extra water as well.

    good luck

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    im the exact same! i have big thighs and ***. i used to be wayy more overwieght so i signed up for kickboxing. in the past year or so, ive lost over 40 lbs with kickboxing and im still losing it. its a great way to excerise and stay in shape, plus, its fun!

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    Exercise and a diet. Do it with someone. It will help.

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